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Hell’s best kept secret by Ray Comfort


 Tell them By Dag Heward-Mills


Dag Heward-Mills, the founder of Lighthouse Chapel International is a world-renowned evangelist and soul winner. With the unquenching fire of the Gospel ardent in his bosom, Heward-Mills began the Healing Jesus Crusades some ten years ago with an initial gathering of just over 600 people. Since then, apart from leading the two thousand branches of the Lighthouse Chapel International , Dag Heward-Mills also has conducted Gospel crusades with hundreds of thousands of people attending a single gathering using towering sound systems that can be heard for miles. Other soul-winning projects that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has founded include the Leadership International (an unrelenting outreach into second-cycle institutions) that is aimed at inspiring the next generation to reach the unreached, to further the Kingdom, and to see the Gospel message proclaimed throughout the world. Heward-Mills’ multi-faceted ministry also has outreaches to prisons, orphans and the sick. Through the Lighthouse Chapel International churches, Heward-Mills’ ministry caters to many sick and poverty stricken areas of the world and preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is happily married to Adelaide Heward-Mills and they have been blessed with four children.


 No compromise – the life of Keith Green by David Hazard


 Puritan Evangelism by Jonathan Edwards


  Evangelism and the sovereignty of God By J.I. Packer


 Evangelism explosion By D. James Kennedy


Out of the comfort zone By Ray Comfort



The master plan of evangelism By R.E. Coleman



 Evangelism by fire By Reinhard Bonnke