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Update from Andrew Hawkins, LPA UK Church Relations Director: We rejoice that 130 or more people turned to Jesus Christ during the ten days that Andrew spoke in London, which exceeded the prayer target. Pete Goldring, Dave Plowman and others from Sublime headed up the main events and co-ordinated everything superbly. Their heart and vision for unified church mission aligns so well with ours.

In Bromley, Enfield, Havering and Iver Andrew spoke about "A Life That Matters" to audiences up to 420 strong! This followed a succession of high quality musical artists: Lindsay West and the LZ7 band, J Marie Cooper, Tabitha Webb, Daughters of Davis, Helen Yousaf, Rebirth Dance and Noel Robinson and his band. Remarkable video clips and testimonies intertwined with the music to open hearts for the closing message when Andrew shared about Jesus Christ revolutionizing your past, present and future, while also relating this to his life story.

One couple in Iver, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary with friends, brought them along to the event and some were saved!

Andrew's visit to Brixton Prison on his first Sunday was such a highlight. Ministry teams from St. Helen's Church, Bishopsgate and Prison Outreach Network joined with us. Phil Chadder, the Lead Chaplain, has served with LPA in Europe; he led the arrangements and program brilliantly. The Chapel was filled with 100 inmates and 32 responded to Andrew's message! Which was no surprise given the powerful presence of God moving in the service.

On his second Sunday, Andrew preached at Restore Community Church in Loughton and Romford Evangelical Church. He challenged both churches from Mark 2: 1-12 to never give up bringing friends to the feet of Jesus in prayer and personal invitation. This was a "Word in Season"—and church members took time to pray for unsaved family and friends at the conclusion.

Another great moment was Andrew's visit to Frances Bardsley Academy School in Romford. During a gathering of 100 girls during lunchtime in the main hall, Andrew shared freely about his transformed life in Jesus Christ and invited them to attend "A Life That Matters" in Havering. He met one-on-one with the Head Teacher, and also addressed 60 girls at a joint Religious Studies lesson. The requested subject, "Where do Christians get their moral guidance from?" provoked interactive discussion and several girls stayed after the lesson to talk further with Andrew.

Andrew Palau commented, “Each time I return to the UK there is more openness to the Gospel and an increasingly greater impact.” These orchestrated events were perfectly timed by the will of God, resulting in the advancement of His Kingdom--to Him be the praise!  Concentrated prayer, church unity and committed engagement were catalysts. In future partnership with Sublime, or other like-minded believers, larger initiatives could potentially happen. Let the vision expand!          

Update: The first weekend of the Live Up London outreach was a success! Around 400 people attended the first night of the Bromley outreach with Lindz West and the L27 Crew, which was geared towards youth. The second night of the outreach was catered to adults and featured worship from Noel Robinson.

Andrew also shared the Gospel at the Brixton Prison, partnering with St. Helen's Church, Bishopsgate, and Prison Outreach Network. Around 100 people heard Andrew's message with a number of responses to the Good News!

Continue to pray for Andrew's outreach events throughout the next week!