Evangelism Observatory



Christ for All Nations (CAFN)

CAFN is the international evangelistic ministry founded by well-known and beloved evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Since his the inception of his ministry in Lesotho, Southern Africa, it has had a phenomenal impact on several nations, especially in Africa, bringing millions to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Daniel Kolenda, who has taken up the mantle of the founder, continues to keep the fire burning by holding large gospel crusades, leading many to Christ. Healing miracles, signs and wonders consistently follow the preaching of the gospel.

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Miracle Crusades by Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is well-known worldwide as a miracle healing crusade evangelist and televangelist. His “Miracles Crusades” which are held in various US cities and various countries in the world are subsequently broadcast worldwide by television.

Many, many notable healing miracles have been recorded in these meetings.

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries (BGEA)

Founded by Billy Graham in 1950, BGEA exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by every possible means, primarily through massive gospel crusades. Millions of people have been brought to the Lord through the ministry of Billy Graham. Now that he is in his nineties, his son Franklin continues to spread the gospel of salvation through crusades, film shows, the internet and the compassion ministry of the relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, where he also serves as CEO.

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Healing Jesus Campaign by Dag Heward-Mills

The founder of Healing Jesus Campaign, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills could be dubbed “a New Healing Evangelist for Africa”. Dag Heward-Mills, leaving the church he had founded and successfully pastored since his days as a medical student in the hands of faithful, capable and “in-house” trained associate ministers, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills stepped into a new season of ministry-the Evangelistic ministry.

Now after its 100th gospel campaign since it began in 2004, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills' Healing Jesus Campaign has recorded massive crowds, over 10 million decisions for Christ and notable miracles such as are recorded in Jesus’ ministry: Through Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills's campaign, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, chronic diseases are healed and even the dead are raised.

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Campus Crusades for Christ (CRU)

Stationed in colleges around the globe, CRU combines the college experience with Christian values in order to instill a good foundation within interdenominational students. Their tactics include mass meetings, film showings, and social media to better integrate youth interests with following Christ.

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Osborn International Ministries

For more than 60 years Osborn Ministries International has focused on evangelism and missions to the unreached.  Dr. T.L. Osborn and his wife of 53 years Dr. Daisy Washburn-Osborn founded this ministry with this motto: “One way-Jesus, One job-evangelism”. The combined ministries of the late founders and their daughter Dr. LaDonna Osborn, who now carries the baton, have spread the Gospel in over 100 nations.

 Her leadership continues to expand Osborn Ministries International. As in her parents’ ministries before her, the love of God is demonstrated as all types of sickness and diseases are healed by God’s power during her Festivals of Faith & Miracles. The blind regain their sight. The cripple walk.  The mute speak.  Plus tens of thousands of men, women & children receive Jesus Christ as their savior at each evangelism event.

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Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association

The late Oral Roberts founded this ministry in 1949. He was one the first healing evangelists of that time. His ministry expanded to include the Oral Roberts University and other missions but  his original fiery passion for evangelism continues to flow through his son and successor Richard Roberts. The ministry is dedicated to spreading the gospel through local and international outreaches for salvation and healing, the Abundant Life Prayer Group, books and media, medical missions and other humanitarian outreaches.

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Evangelism International, the crusade ministry of Gene Strickland

The mission statement of this ministry is to proclaim that God loves people and He wants an authentic relationship with them through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Since this ministry began in 2008, there have been crusades in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Asia. 22,000 souls have been saved and several thousands healed.

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